Advanced digital printing of electronics

Zachary J. Davis

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C033: Pt & Pt alloys on CB, diameter 1-5 nm ± 0.1 nm

Advanced digital printing of electronics

We produce cost effective functionalized silver and copper nanoparticles designed for printed electronics applications. We can provide nanoparticles with controlled size ranging from 50-500 nanometers. The tailored capping materials are compatible with several solvents to optimize dispersion properties. Through controlled filtration, dispersions in a number of solvents can be produced, meeting the needs of conductive ink manufacturers and at concentrations larger than 50 wt%.  

We offer:

  • Tailoring of copper and silver nanoparticles for conductive nano-inks
  • Development of novel nanomaterials, oxides, metals and alloys
  • Upscaling of nanomaterial production
  • Nanomaterial dispersion development
  • Development of other dielectric, semi conductive, conductive, magnetic and catalytic nanomaterials

Facts about our nano silver and copper:

  • Size control between 50-500 nm
  • Wide range of organic capping agents
  • Wide range of solvents such as ethylene glycol, water, DBE, carbitol acetate and esters

Other conductive, dielectric, semiconducting, magnetic and catalytic nanomaterials:

  • Ceria Zirconia
  • Zinc oxide
  • Alumina
  • Iron oxide
  • Molybdenum oxide on zeolite support or alumina support
  • Copper oxide
  • Metals and alloys

Cooperate with us
If you have an idea for a new product or process or a new way to optimize these you can work with us on a developing project.

Developing projects can be funded through Innovation Fund Denmark or Horizon2020 projects.

We believe that the best solutions are created together with other companies. Therefore, we are happy to help you apply for funding for your developing project

Just give Zachary Davis a call on +45 7220 2507 or send him an e-mail on