Advanced Digital Printing of Electronics - Advanced Infrastructure

Zachary J. Davis

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One of our experts is using our screenprinter

Advanced Digital Printing of Electronics - Advanced Infrastructure

Have you considered integrating an ultra-thin humidity sensor into your product? Do you need a flexible thermocouple? At Danish Technological Institute (DTI), we can help you design, print and surface mount electrical circuits and sensors directly onto flexible and ultra-thin substrates. In the printed electronics group, we have the infrastructure and technical expertise to cover the entire value chain from nanomaterials to printers to electronic testing. 

We take you through the entire process!

Nanomaterials Development and Production

For different applications, new nanomaterials may need to be developed for sustainability or transparency. We can also scale-up processes after development.

Ink Formulation

Inks need to be made to print conductive materials and functional components. Each ink needs to be formulated for each material on which we print.


We have the infrastructure to ink jet print and screen print circuits and then place components onto them. More information on our equipment is below.

Semiautomatic screen print system

  • Screen printer with inline tunnel convection and IR oven
  • Print area max: 500 mm x 350 mm
  • Up to 2 prints per minute
  • Alignment tools allow for great multilayer printing
  • Ideal for pilot productions and medium to large batch prototypes.

F-series advanced deposition toolC033_NRN_#1_5_2

  • Konica Minolta KM1024i industrial ink-jet print head 
  • 2 x Dimatix DMC 16 nozzle, 1pL or 10pL ink jet- print head 
  • Optomec Aerosol Jet digital printing system 
  • Adphos NIR & LED UV curing 
  • 4pp & microscope quality control 

Fristch LM901C033_NRN_#1_5_3

  • Manual dispensing and pick & place tool
  • Camera visual based system
  • Down to 0201 components 
  • Mounting of packages and bare dies
  • Component mounting
  • Adheasive testing 

Novacentrix Pulse Forge sintering system 

  • Xenon flashlamp 75x300 mm 
  • Voltage < 950 V
  • Discharge time > 100µs
  • Power < 7 kW/cm2
  • Energy density < 11 J/cm2

Electrical Design

With our team of experts, we can make sure that your electrical design is elegant and robust.


We have capabilities for electrical testing in our group and characterization in our center. 

Materials for Purchase

These materials are available for purchase. Please click on the datasheet for more information

Ag nanowires: 


Ag nanoparticles:


Cu nanoparticles:


Ni nanoparticles:


BaTiO3 nanoparticles: