Advanced Digital Printing of Electronics - What is a Printed Electronic?

Zachary J. Davis

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A printed electronic on a transparent substrate is held up to the light. The print has different distances between the printed lines down to 200 micrometers

Advanced Digital Printing of Electronics - What is a Printed Electronic?

Below you can see an example of a printed electronic. A lot of effort and expertise goes into making a normal item smart. Come to us with the functionality you need and we will help you design an elegant and robust product with all the components required.

By covering the whole value chain, including material development and ink formulation, we have the creative flexibility to develop your product on whatever surface you need, be that composites, textiles, or curved surfaces.


Shows an example printed electronic with all the components required for advanced functionality


  • NFC-Antenna - Communicates with Other Devices
  • Humidity Sensor - Monitors Your Environment
  • Touch Sensor - Interacts with Users
  • LED - Illuminates the World
  • Microchip - Enables Wireless Communication, Controls the Circuit, Transfers Data, and Other Complex Functions
  • Via Pad- Enables Electrical Connections Between Layers
  • Resistor - Controls the Flow of Current to the Components
  • Capacitor - Draws and Stores Energy in the System
  • Battery - Keeps You Powered on the Go