CareNet – Network in the Areas of robotics and Welfare Technology

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CareNet – Network in the Areas of robotics and Welfare Technology

The network CareNet

Project start 2006. Expected completion indefinite.

CareNet is a network which focuses on development, application and dissemination of robotics and welfare technology for care and nursing. The purpose is to create interaction and synergy between the players in the field, and to increase the focus on the technological possibilities it implies for the welfare sector. The network is a platform for the development of technological solutions to the challenges faced by suppliers and welfare clients in the future. Throughout the world, the basic issue is the same: Resources are scarce. This goes for economic resources, but not least in relation to the double demographic challenge, the gap between supply and demand for warm hands will be problematic. The possibility of using technology to solve these challenges already exists to a large degree, and the work will carry with it its own reward.     

Welfare technology deals with two essential issues: Users and suppliers create a demand for the technologies, and there is political focus on the areas. The products and the industry create a large market on a global scale. The possibility of creating a future billion-dollar industry for Denmark in the area exists to a large extent.  

Project Objectives
To strengthen the cooperation between suppliers, users and interested parties within the areas of robotics and welfare technology

The network consists of:

  • Companies specialising in the areas of care-giving, nursing and service.
  • Companies with strong qualifications in the areas of development and application of advanced technology.
  • Municipalities
  • Regional and national public authorities
  • Independent care centres and organisations
  • Societies and non-governmental organisations
  • Research and educational institutions

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