Drug Delivery and Antimicrobial Devices

Mark Holm Olsen

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Drug Delivery and Antimicrobial Devices

Drug Delivery and Antimicrobial Devices

Site-specific and targeted drug delivery is often a prerequisite for efficient use of medical devices and advanced therapies. The Danish Technological Institute can assist you in development of materials, tools and technologies for delivery of advanced therapies to patients. Imparting antimicrobial properties to a device is a means to combat microbial colonization and decrease the incidence of device-related infections. This will decrease the need for systemically applied antibiotic treatments and reduce antibiotic resistance development.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Development of hydrogels and biomaterials  for site-specific drug delivery
  • Application of novel antimicrobial strategies in medical devices
  • Extraction of bioactive compounds from natural sources eg. plants and marine  derived components
  • Surface functionalization of implant and device materials
  • Development of stimuli sensitive and responsive materials 
  • Combination of material properties by composite technologies eg. Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPNs)

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