Europe's future learning environments described by the Danish Technological Institute

Hanne  Shapiro

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Europe's future learning environments described by the Danish Technological Institute

In 2006 and 2007 the Institute facilitated a development course as part of the European Commission’s ‘Institute for Prospective Technological Studies’ in Seville. This work has resulted in providing a good indication of the future scenarios for learning environments in Europe in 2017.

As knowledge becomes an ever more important competition parameter, there is more and more political focus on how we can create attractive and effective learning environments in the future. In collaboration with a number of experts from all over the world the Danish Technological Institute has developed a futuristic scenario of a learning-intensive society through the creative use of different technologies plus input from the latest knowledge from brain research.

The Institute held a workshop in Paris which was attended by education and IT experts from all over the world as well as keynote speakers from the European Commission. The workshop’s goal was to refine and validate the conditions that can influence the direction development was likely to go in.

A scenario backcasting technique was used to identify the development which could lead to the most optimal learning environment in the Europe of the future. Finally, the work identified current political initiatives which could help towards realising the goals for the learning environments of the future. There is already a lot of interest, also from abroad, in working further with the scenarios as tools in the formulation of new political initiatives.