European robot network helps nurses and homebuilders

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European robot network helps nurses and homebuilders

Applications from 166 companies spread across 12 European countries, myriads of exiting robotics ideas and free access to robotics experts was the beginning of the EU-funded initiative ROBOTT-NET in 2016.

Four knowledge institutes across Europe - the Danish Technological Institute (DTI, DK), Fraunhofer IPA (DE), Tecnalia (ES) and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC, UK) - teamed up to offer highly qualified consulting services at no cost to companies that either wanted to use robot technology in their production or wanted to develop new robot technology to sell.

It’s been two years since the European project ROBOTT-NET kicked off, and more than 60 projects have been executed with success and 1500 people have come to visit ROBOTT-NETs Open Labs. 

In total ROBOTT-NET has worked with 62 projects with companies such as Danfoss, Kärcher, Air Liquide and Nissan. The projects have among other things involved helping nurses with bloodsamples, creating a waste sorting robot for the recovery of valuable materials and making home builders' lives easier by increasing digital data in building projects. 

Now, eight projects have qualified to take the next step to receive funding for a ROBOTT-NET pilot and even further development assistance. The pilot companies are: 

  1. Linak 
  2. Nissan
  3. Trumpf 
  4. Maser 
  5. Weibel
  6. Piccolo
  7. Air Liquide 
  8. Irabia

The pilot projects will strengthen robotics development and the competitiveness of European Manufacturing even further. The projects will be teamed up with a real-world case and ROBOTT-NET will take them all the way to the market – to make even more robotics ideas in industrial robotics and professional service robotics a reality.

You can read more about the pilot projects here.  

Do you want to know more about what ROBOTT-NET has achieved so far? Find out in less than three minutes by watching the video above.