Background and motivation - Software for uncertainty calculations

Jens Bo Toftegaard

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Background and motivation - Software for uncertainty calculations

Why does Danish Technological Institute engage in GUM Workbench software?

We have a strong interest in the decisions, control and inspection which in a broad sense are based on measurements. As a natural consequence, Danish Technological Intitute has for ten years developed and supported expertise on uncertainty in measurement.

Decisions are the more likely to prove right when they are based on measurements of sufficient quality. And measurement uncertainty should be regarded as key to understanding the quality of measurement results.

Danish Technological Institute now presents GUM Workbench – the user friendly and timesaving shortcut to the calculation of measurement uncertainty.

This remarkable software

  • Was built according to specifications in international standards.
  • Has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Provides full documentation for assessors and auditors.
  • Links calibrations to everyday industrial or lab measurements.

Quality is linked to economical considerations in the planning of metrological solutions. Thus understanding the economics of metrology requires a sound understanding and a correct treatment of measurement uncertainty.

Experienced metrologists and engineers who work alot with measurements acquire much skill and know-how in their fields of metrology. Enough information is available on equipment, influence parameters, traceability and calibration. But they enter uncharted territory when it comes to setting up valid measurement analyses according to international standards.

To meet these requirements a structured statistical and mathematical treatment of the available knowledge in respect of the measurment proces is required.

We noticed over and over again: When developing uncertainty budgets without software support, metrologists – including ourselves – spent too much time struggling wiht the mathematics of the GUM method. Since this may seem an obstacle, not enough effort and ressource is available to really take advantage om the GUM method and let it become the powerful tool it truly is.

Using GUM Workbench allows you to concentrate on the real metrological challenges. Statistical and mathematical matters are handled elegantly by our software.

In addition to this, uers of Gum Workbench will gain acces to the library of uncertainty solutions and templates published by Danish Technological Institute. Users may freely modify and learn from these solutions.