Ingredients and Health - Improving meat products by different quality parameters

Marchen Sonja Hviid

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Ingredients and Health - Improving meat products by different quality parameters

Testing and implementing new ingredients or optimizing and replacing current ingredients are ongoing processes in the meat industry. By performing experimental work in our pilot plant facilities supplemented with in-house analyses we support the meat industry in solving current challenges.

  • Healthy ingredients such as dietary fibers or protein enrichment are used to develop new products with more healthy profiles. Satiating effects and consumer attitudes towards new meat products are evaluated when adding healthy ingredients.
  • Functional ingredients can be replaced, reduced or even left out in order to develop new products – e.g. more “clean label” products. When changing a recipe, it is important that the resulting product has the same or an even better quality.
  • Product and process optimization in a meat production can be used to improve the products or processes. DMRI are currently looking into ways of changing processes of cooking a product to a lower core temperature and still ensure a safe process and product.
  • Quality analyses can be sensory, chemical, physical or microbial information – all relevant for the overall quality of meat products. At our laboratory facilities, standardized as well as new techniques to measure the quality of meat and meat products are used.

Both as an intern, bachelor and master student you will be able to build your project from your expertise in relation to our current projects. You will be conducting your own experiments in our laboratory facilities together with our skilled technicians in our pilot plant, sensory or chemical laboratories.