Major Rewards to Be Gained from Mobile Robots

Lars  Dalgaard

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Major Rewards to Be Gained from Mobile Robots

The fourth industrial revolution is sprouting. A handful of the seeds has been sown with The Danish Technological Institute's involvement in the European development project R5-COP, which is about developing modular robot systems that is easy to install and reconfigure to perform new processes.

R5-COP was recently one among 75 leading, European research and development projects invited to an ARTEMIS Co-summit.

Here a prize was awarded to the project that could communicate its ambitions, goals and - if possible - results in the most apprehensible and vivid fashion. The prize went to R5-COP - represented by The Danish Technological Institute, MiR and PIAP - who were able to win hearts and minds through their work in developing interaction components to mobile robotic platforms.

- We are working on developing a quite special framework - we call it the modular link framework - which makes it possible to take existing mobile robotic platforms and then transfer the technology between them so they can perform the same task. In other words, we want to introduce flexibility on a rather high level through modularity, team leader Lars Dalgaard from The Danish Technological Institute sums up.

In the short video above, you can see and hear of the the role The Danish Technological Institute is playing in the R5-COP project developing a special modular link framework.

The R5-COP project is partly financed by ARTEMIS-JU and Innovation Fund Denmark.