Meat Innovation has moved to new facilities

Lars Leopold Hinrichsen

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DMRI new facilities 2014

Meat Innovation has moved to new facilities

In the early summer of 2014, DMRI moved into a brand new R&D facilities. The investment in these facilities will ensure intense focus on research and innovation in what will be the most advanced research and innovation facility in the international meat industry.

Our aim is to turn this massive investment into a game changer for the meat industry. Denmark, which is a relatively small country, lives from selling high-value products abroad. These high-value products will continue to be based on healthy and safe food, though in future the production processes will be much more complex. The continued development of the Danish meat industry will require the development of completely new process equipment, system solutions and consultancy. DMRI will play a key role in this transformation.

The Danish food cluster is one of the largest in the world, and the Danish meat industry accounts for a significant part of it. DMRI has played a major role in achieving this position.

Watch the creation of our new state-of-the art research facilities