Mechanical testing - Equipment and range of measurement

Martin  Amstrup

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Mechanical testing - Equipment and range of measurement

Our equipment and test hall give a flexible modular setup to conduct both standardized and customized mechanical tests where loads and anchorages are defined in collaboration with test engineers and technicians.

The location in Aarhus offers good access conditions and plenty of room as well as the option to establish static and dynamic loads with large forces.
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We have the following equipment for mechanical testing at our disposal:

  • Instron 5500 – 100 kN tension/compression
  • Instron 5582 – 100 kN tension/compression
  • Amsler – 1000 kN tension/compression and fatigue (8 Hz)
  • Schenck – 100 kN tension/compression and fatigue
  • Schenck Trebel – 600 kN tension/compression
  • Instron 8500 – 500 kN tension/compression and fatigue
  • Losenhausen – Impact test up to 300 J
  • Test hall of 5 m x 30 m with more than 100 anchorage points for 25 t each

We also conduct tests at other temperatures than room temperatures, e.g. impact test at temperatures down to -196 °C and hot tensile tests up to 1200 °C.