Mental working environment

Annemarie  Holsbo

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Mental working environment

A good mental working environment is the basis for a good and efficient workplace, and it is crucial for employees to be able to use their resources in the best possible way, this benefitting both employees and the company.    
A good mental working environment is created by development and improvement of:

  • Work organisation and labour scheduling, management and working relations
  • Job quality, including employee competences
  • New and old technology – physical design, furniture and equipment, tools and aids 

We have experience in developing of a good working environment between management and employees.

Our methods ensure employee involvement in:

  • Uncovering negative and positive conditions
  • Maintaining efficient work conditions
  • Promoting the best proposals for a good working environment

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Improve the mental working environment through mapping and measures
  • Reduce absenteeism by enhancing conditions that create better job satisfaction and involvement
  • Create a good mental and physical working environment in connection with reorganisation or introduction of new technology
  • Bring health promotion to the agenda
  • Uncover and improve connections between physical and mental working environment
  • Create better physical design by applying the Workspace Design method, among others
  • Organise and carry out coherent working environment projects with technical experts
  • Uncover improvement potentials in the organisation in order to improve well-being, reduce absence and create more efficient development conditions
  • Create well-being and maintain jobs in the nursing care sector
  • Training of well-being coaches and integration and maintenance agents in the workplace