Motivated employees create growth and quality

Samuel  Brøgger

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Motivated employees create growth and quality

After nine months with Lean the cheese powder producer Lactosan A/S was able to report growth of 15% and highly motivated middle managers and operators.

With support from Lean experts at the Danish Technological Institute, the company Lactosan A/S has got their 100 employees at their factory in Ringe, Funen, to take more responsibility, exercise more influence and feel that they have more ownership in the company’s processes.

- It should be both fun and satisfying to work for Lactosan A/S. Using the Lean principles to include the employees more in production has resulted in greater commitment and enthusiasm, which in turn creates value for the company, says managing director Jørn Frandsen.

Lean also creates more order and frees up time for the middle managers who can now work on larger tasks and new projects. Works manager Connie Schmidt Hansen has noticed that it has become easier to find the time to carry out day to day improvement initiatives.

- Via the whiteboard meetings, I’ve got a much better overview so that I can now always find the employees and the things I need. I can also see that the employees are thriving on taking greater responsibility for getting things up and running. That means I have the space and time for example to attend to mark out floors for trolleys, number shelves and attend to the item placings on the shelves, says Connie Schmidt Hansen.

From now on the plan is to continue to use Lean to increase the efficiency of the company’s production of cheese powder. One of the points on the agenda is to simplify the item range, which at the moment numbers 200 different cheese powders. Another point is to develop a new system to handle the increasingly strict labelling requirements that Lactosan A/S has to comply with in its various markets.