Permanent Magnets - advice and testing

Hossein  Alimadadi

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Permanent Magnets - advice and testing

The Danish Technological Institute can help you with advice on corrosion of permanent magnets and test of magnetic systems.

Systems based on permanent neodymium magnets have gained an industrial breakthrough over the last 5 years. The use of permanent magnets offers new and exciting opportunities, but the need to protect the batteries against environmental impact is often underestimated.
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Neodymium batteries are very sensitive to corrosion because of their chemical composition and microstructure. Choosing the right corrosion protective coating is hence crucial to avoid component failure.

The magnetic systems and components should be tested in realistic surroundings through mechanical and corrosion tests. The Danish Technological Institute can help you with both

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Function tests of components and systems containing magnetic materials
  • Quality control of permanent magnets and coatings
  • Advice on corrosion protection and corrosion test on permanent magnets
  • Analysis and causality determination of corrosion attack
  • Mechanical tests of magnets
  • Measurements of magnetic field and residual magnetization

We can also advice on corrosion protective coatings specifically for your application and help to outline quality requirements for raw material and coatings