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Process Survey

Billede af værktøjer i PVD maskinePVD processes
A vacuum process, where the coating is evaporated on the surface, giving unique properties such as excellent hardness, wear resistance, low friction, self-lubrication, good release, etc. The layer thickness is typically 3 – 30 µm, process temperature from ca. 100 °C to ca. 500 °C.

Billede af belagte værktøjer i PCVD kammerPlasma-CVD processes
A vacuum process for producing hard costing with thicknesses of ca. 3  µm by evaporation. The coatings prevent seizing/galling of e.g. brass or zinc. Very suitable for inside coating of holes. Process temperature approx.  500 °C. 

Billede af detalje på ionacceleratorIon implantation In the accelerator ions are shot into a surface at very high energies. Thereby is obtained a surface with very good properties, such as increased wear resistance or significantly improved corrosion resistance. The treatment temperature is usually below 200 °C.

Billede af plasmaPlasma nitriding
A vacuum process, where steel parts are exposed to a socalled plasma at approx. 450-580 °C. The nitrogen and carbon, if any, will thereby diffuse into the surface and the hardness of the steel is increased significantly. Suitable for improving the wear properties of many tools and machine parts.

Billede af belagte værktøjerDecoating
At the Tribology Centre we are able to chemically remove most PVD and CVD coatings from numerous steel types without damaging the base material, even from polished surfaces. Is often used when renovating various tools. 




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