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Mange produkter. Produktionsoptimering.

Productivity Check

Find your way to increased productivity and growth at low costs

In a globalized world high productivity is crucial to cope with international competition. Therefore companies constantly seek for opportunities to optimize production, improve productivity and enhance competitiveness.

A Productivity Check is based on the actual processes of you company aiming to reduce waste – e.g. related to inventory, handling of materials and tools, transport and utilization of equipment capacity.

Danish Technological Institute supply highly specialized experts who in cooperation with the company performs the Productivity Check. Our experts are experienced in all industrial branches and will engage in your business with commitment and skill.

The contents of a Productivity Check

  • A one-day visit which contains:
    • Process overview
    • Value stream analysis of a selected flow
    • Data collection relating to important parameters as:
      • Production and expected development
      • Productivity
      • Waste e.g. as over production, too large inventories, transport and handling of materials
      • Equipment losses
  • A 2-4 hours workshop where observations are presented and discussed