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Quarterback Innovation©

Jane  Hagelskjær

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Quarterback Innovation©

Quarterback Innovation©, developed by Danish Technological Institute, is a carefully construed set of methods concerned with mobilizing people through bottom-up nudging strategies, combined with movement-building activities. A term lent from American football, the quarterback is the central player on a team who throws the ball, and sets the direction for his team whilst promoting a collaborative effort and team spirit. Likewise, the role of the quarterback in an innovation process is to act as initiator, coach, facilitator and coordinator.

Through systematic work with an open innovation method Quarterback Innovation© can potentially generate a powerful demand pull as well as a supply push.

The Quarterback Innovation© method enables a selected group to take part in a ToT concept whereby each key participant is equipped with the methods and skills needed to facilitate relevant enabling innovation strategies, including the following:

  • Developing a common vision, description of history and goals, formation of alliances and deciding on a communication strategy internally and/or externally
  • Developing open engagement models between involved parties
  • Organizing and facilitating meetings, workshops and idea development processes with many stakeholders to take part in the process
  • Starting networks among passionate people internal as well as external to the organization
  • Disseminating knowledge and contacts between knowledge centers, citizens, businesses and grassroots organizations.

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Learn more about Quarterback Innovation© in this video.