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Regional development and innovation

Leif Henrik Jakobsen

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Regional udvikling og innovation

Regional development and innovation

The structural reform has resulted in a number of new tasks and responsibilities for the regions, creating new possibilities. We help you find qualified answers to your questions, e.g:

How can strategies be put into practice in the best way possible? 
How are the regional core strengths identified best? 
How do we make sure that we are on the right track?

Many countries are experiencing or have experienced a regionalisation process which provides food for thought, especially when it comes to implementation of public resources.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Visions and strategy
  • Identification of regional core strengths
  • Strategic implementation of programme resources
  • Comparative analyses – what can we learn from others – nationally and internationally?
  • Analysis and development of innovation systems
  • Cluster development
  • Surveillance and evaluation
  • What works - and when?
  • Statistic analyses and indicator development
  • Operator’s tasks
  • Communicating good practice