Research projects - surface treatment

Klaus Pagh Almtoft

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Research projects - surface treatment

How do you start up a R&D project?
In the Tribology Centre we have lots of experience with small as well as large development projects covered by subsidy schemes such as  Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation,  NICe, Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation,  EUROSTARS, FTP, ERA-NET, FP7, Industrial PhDs, et al.

Billede af forsøgsopstilling med selvrensende overfladerSelf-cleaning surfaces based on TiO2
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has a self-cleaning, photocatalytic effect when the surface is exposed to UV light. It is further hydrophilic, thus for instance rain will wash away dirt from the surface. We are further investigating the possibilities of making the surfaces bactericidal.


Billede af tandhjul med selvsmørende DLC belægningNew self-lubricating coatings (DLC)
Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is the name for a family of hard, self-lubricating carbon surfaces - somthing between graphite and diamond. The Tribology Centre develops DLC for special purposes in more research projects.


Billede af membraner til brændselscellerImproved fuel cells with new oxides 
New oxides of "exotic" elements (e.g. Ce, Gd, Y, and Zr) are used as selective ion-conducting membranes in fuel cells. This increases both the efficiency and durability of a number of different types of fuel cells.


Billede af injektionssprøjteMedico projects
Surfaces that enhance biocompatibility and ensure faster healing between implant and surrounding tissue. Work is also underway to develop special low-friction surfaces on a number of medico-related products.


Billede af sensorer coated med oxidlagAl2O3
Aluminium oxide a hard, electrically insulating, high-temperature stable oxide which is deposited in thin layers. These can be used in many new technical applications e.g. as electrically insulating layers or as layers with special non-stick properties


Billede af anodiserede møtrikker - IdeAl Surface projektetModified aluminium
An international development consortium is working on developing new, modified aluminum coatings with revolutionary visual effects, which can at the same time provide extremely good protection against abrasion and corrosion.


Billede af rør som symbol på forskningsprojekterCommercial development projects Innovation vouchers with state subsidies can be used for small well-defined development tasks. Larger development projects and processes can be defined and prepared in close dialogue with the customer. Here, the Tribology Centre's international network will be of use to you.


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