Robot technology to lift future Danish pig production

Kurt  Nielsen

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Robot technology to lift future Danish pig production

A new innovation consortium ’StaldTek’ aims to develop new, sustainable piggeries by integrating advanced sensor and robot technologies into buildings, fittings and equipment.

The reason for setting up the research and development project is that most Danish pigs live in piggeries basically designed as far back as the 1970s. This fact makes it difficult for Danish pig producers to match the prices offered by their eastern European colleagues.

In the course of the next four years, the consortium partners must compile data on and develop competitive and sustainable production systems that reduce the environmental load from pig production and increase animal welfare in piggeries. Further, they should aim at utilising the technological possibilities for automating work procedures that impact on health and safety or cost-intensive aspects of production.

The partners are working dedicatedly to commercialise accumulated knowledge. Basically, the consortium targets pig producers and advisors and consultants of pig producers - but also companies developing, mounting and selling equipment, fittings and buildings and companies developing and selling sensor and robot technology.

In addition to the Danish Technological Institute Robot Technology centre, the consortium consists of AP Company – Farming Solutions, Danish Farm Design A/S, Danish Pig Production, EGATEC A/S, EURISCO ApS, Novotek Planning Systems A/S, Samson Agro A/S, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark and Technical University of Denmark.