ROS MeetUp 2022

Tsampikos  Kounalakis

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ROS MeetUp 2022

Odense Robotics and the Danish Technological Institute invite you to a day where it is all about ROS and the companies who use it.

ROS MeetUp is...

A networking platform for the ROS community in Denmark. Whether you are aficionado, expert, or user of ROS this is the place to share experiences and learn from each other.

This year, we focus is on the advancements of ROS and ROS2, effective robotic solution, product development and integration using ROS.

To this effort, an exciting list of leading companies will explain how ROS is changing the industry today and share novel methods that provide new capabilities to ROS-based systems.

We encourage the participation of companies whether if you are interested about how ROS can change your development process and products, or if you want to share your story about how ROS is used in your company in a lighting talk during the meetup.

Topics of interest

The workshop will cover, but not necessarily restrict to, the following topics:

  • How ROS can be used as a fast, cost-effective way and research tool from the industry
  • ROS as a prototyping tool, capabilities for rapid sensor integration, sensor fusion, robotic control, etc.
  • How companies can employ ROS/ROS2 for their needs
  • Reliability of ROS for product integration
  • Adoption time/cost by companies not currently using ROS/ROS2, and how universities and research institutes can help toward that direction

Call for lightning talks

Do you want to present your work with ROS? This may be everything from a presentation of a project or your product using ROS.

Please send an email with your topic to


10:00-10:20 | Registration

10:20-10:30 | Introduction from Odense Robotics

10:30-11:05 | "Exploring the ROS ecosystem and its integration in a robotics company" by Antoni Benavent Puertos, AgriRobot

11:05-11:20 | Coffee break

11:20-11:50 | "ROS2 in Universal Robots script programming" by Michal Milkowski and Rune Søe-Knudsen, Universal Robots

11:50-12:30 | Lunch

12:30-13:05 | "ROS2-powered mobile robots in vertical farming" by David Pérez Morales, Seasony

13:05-13:15 | Coffee break

13:15-13:50 | "ROS at Lorenz Technology: A tool for platform agnostic solutions" by Mathias Højgaard Egeberg, Lorenz Technology

13:50-14:00 | Coffee break

14:35-15:10 | Lightning talks

15:10-15:15 | Closing remarks

15:15-15:45 | Optional: Lab tour of DTI, Robot Technology

Time and place

November 29th 2022 at 10:00-16:00

Teknologisk Institut
Forskerparken 10F
5230 Odense


Odense Robotics is supported by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science as well as the Danish Board of Business Development