Sensory analyses

Marlene Schou Grønbeck

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Sensory analyses

Sensory analyses

Meeting consumer demands is a challenge for the meat industry. DMRI can assist your company in obtaining an overview of the consumers' opinion of a new or existing product using sensory methods. 

DMRI has a wide range of experience in the application of sensory methods. These include various methods performed by trained assessors, consumer surveys and rapid methods for use in the food industry.

If your company develops a new product that needs to achieve a certain level of quality or if your company is experiencing problems with consumer satisfaction, we can test the product using well established methods. 

 How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Accredited sensory analyses of food and non-food products. Our sensory panelists are experts in assessing animal products, with particular focus on meat flavour and texture  
  • Consultancy services on “rapid” sensory methods for use in quality control and product development in the food industry
  • Conducting consumer surveys using “rapid” sensory methods
  • Implementation and application of quality control in the food industry
  • Training and implementation of sensory panels in the food industry

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