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Student Projects at DMRI

At DMRI, we work hard to stay in touch with both the industry and academics at the same time. Having students as a part of our working environment is important to maintain our close relationship to schools and universities. At the same time, it is possible for us to learn from the students. We consider the involvement of students in our work as a way of contributing to the education and skill building of students, who are interested in the Danish meat industry.

Among others, we work with Copenhagen University, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Metropolitan University College and Aalborg University, Copenhagen, and we are always open to new partners.

As a student at DMRI, you can work as an intern, write your bachelor project, master thesis or an out-of-scope-project. Please make sure to contact the study and career guidance to learn more about the possibilities during your education and if some special needs have to be met (ECTS-points etc.).

Here are some of our previous and recent students and some of their thoughts on our collaboration.


Bachelor student at Metropol Copenhagen, Studying Nutrition and Health

“DMRI is a place you want to work at, primarily because of the positive atmosphere and the good colleagues, but also because DMRI values everyone and their different strengths.”

“I am thankful for DMRI who welcomed me with open arms while expecting a certain independence – this work environment provides you with personal strength both academically and in the practical work.”

Intern from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Studying for Food Technologist

“You have to be able to work on your own and make up the content of your internship – but there are always colleagues to help you when you need it”

“DMRI sounded like a really good company to get a taste of what work as food technologist in a scientific environment is like, and I had the opportunity to test my practical and theoretical skills.”

Master thesis student, studying techno-anthropology at Aalborg University, Copenhagen

“Collaboration with my DMRI colleagues opened up for great professional sparring and an exciting look into solving the tasks of the day.”

“A lot of projects run in parallel, and you get to be a part of many task groups. This contributes to a versatile workday.”

Master thesis student at University of Copenhagen, Studying Food Innovation and Health

“The project helped me to gain insight into where my strengths and weaknesses are, and what I need to improve in the future.”

“I have learned a lot during my work at DMRI where I have worked independently and still had the opportunity to get professional advice throughout my project.”

“You get renewed energy from working in a place with nice facilities to explore your ideas.”