The packaging and the consumer

Søren Rahbek Østergaard

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The packaging and the consumer

The packaging has a number of important features in relation to consumers. The packaging must support sales and marketing especially in supermarkets, where packaging is often the only seller. The packaging must also be easy to use. This means that the packaging must be easy to open and form as a natural part of the customer's use of the product.

The packaging that sells

One must not underestimate the importance of packaging for sales and marketing. For most groceries, the customer's final choice is made at the store itself. Yes, the delicious wrapped product will, along with other effects, lure the ordinary customers to buy about 50% more than planned. The packaging is of even greater importance when the customer makes the final choice - also for products listed on the shopping list. More often, one writes only generic choices on the shopping list, eg hand soap, and the final selection of products is made in the store. This type of sales accounts for about 40% of total revenue. So all in all, impulse sales are gradually rising to approx. 70-80%. It is in this situation that the packaging is often the only seller.