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Tribologi - produkter

Tribology - products

The life span of tools and machinery parts depends highly on the wear and tear they are exposed to. Such wear and tear can be reduced considerably by applying surface treatment. With the correct surface treatment, in combination with an optimal choice of materials, it is possible to reduce or totally eliminate wear and tear.
In many cases, the use of lubricants can be completely avoided. 

We manufacture coatings for most forms of production tools, machinery parts and finished components.
The coatings are used against wear and tear, corrosion, friction and as non-stick coatings or for decorative purposes. Some of the coatings are electrically isolated, catalystic active or ion conductive for specific ions.

The Tribology Centre offers a large number of coatings (CrN, TiAlN, DLC, TiN, TiCN, TiO2, Al2O3, YSZ, pure metals) and surface treatments (PVD, plasma-CVD, ion implantation, IBAD, plasma nitration and combination treatments).

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