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Henrik Horup Reitz

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Tribology - Consultancy

We are highly experienced within testing, analysing and consulting on wear, friction, lubrication and materials choice.

Based on a thorough problem analysis and, if necessary, combined with a visit to your company, we will be able to solve almost any problem you may have with wear, friction, lubrication or materials

We will either solve the problem directly by using one of our own surface treatments or be referring you the best alternative solution.

How can the Tribology Centre help you?

  • Analysis of wear problems and mechanisms
  • Consultancy on material choice
  • Consultancy on surface treatment of tools and components
  • Consultancy on life extension of tools
  • Test of oils and consultancy on application of lubricants
  • Wear test of materials and surfaces
  • Friction test
  • Hardness test
  • Wettability test

See typical problem areas, which can be solved by our surface treatments.

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