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Additive Manufacturing Courses

Henning  Henningsen

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Additive Manufacturing Courses

Use of Additive Manufacturing can give your business a production boost and create new opportunities for delivering products that match your customers' needs.

At the Danish Technological Institute, we offer a variety of courses that will prepare your company for using Additive Manufacturing in production – including customized courses that suit your company or organization.

Customised AM course for your company
If a larger part of your company needs insight or training in Additive Manufacturing (AM), a customized AM course may be something for you. The content of the course is composed in collaboration with you, and it will match your needs and interests. Before the course, the teacher will screen one or more of your products and give feedback on the potential of switching to AM production.

If you have any questions regarding our courses or wish to learn more about a customized AM course, feel free to contact our senior consultant, Henning Henningsen at or +45  7220 1838.