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CE Marking of Professional Service Robots

Samuel  Brøgger

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A mobile robot moving quickly past a pallet

CE Marking of Professional Service Robots

If you are considering an European market entry for your professional service robot, a CE mark before product launch is required. DTI can help you navigate the complex body of regulations, EU directives, and standards that need to be adhered to before an European market entry can be achieved.

DTI can help ensure that your professional service robot meets all required standards and regulations in terms of, e.g., functional safety, human/machine interfaces, and sufficient safety measures when operated in close proximity to humans. With a strong European network of collaboration partners, we can ensure that the right resources and facilities are always available for a timely execution of your CE marking project.

DTI offers a competitive and transparent pricing scheme as well as a flexible project scheme in which we can either act as project managers for the entire CE Marking process, as consultants on a process level, or as subcontractors to selected
parts of the entire CE Marking process.

DTI can help you CE mark your professional service robots:
  • Mobile logistics robot platform for internal goods distribution
  • Autonomous agricultural vehicles and tractors
  • UAV systems, specifically within the EASA “Special” category
  • Mobile manipulator systems
  • Collaborative industrial robots
  • Heterogenous robot systems, i.e., a mobile base with an industrial robot arm attached
  • Automated Guided Vehicles

DTI also provides other consultancy services for CE classification and marking:
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CE Marking of Personal Service Robots
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