Certification by Notified Body

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Certification by Notified Body

When is certification by Notified Body required?

Category 1 equipment, which may be used in zone 0 or zone 20 areas, must always be certified, also when only produced for own final use. Whoever manufactures products for own use is considered a manufacturer and must conform to the requirements for placing products on the market.

Category 2 equipment, which may be used in zone 1 or zone 21 areas, must always be certified in the case of electrical material, also when produced for own final use. In the case of mechanical material, third party testing/certification is not required, but a technical file shall be completed, which must be submitted to the Notified Body for safe keeping. The technical file shall be kept at the Notified Body for minimum 10 years from the last produced unit and the file shall continuously be brought up to date.

Danish Technological Institute can manage the elaboration of the risk assessment, which shall be part of the technical file, and can issue the evaluation certificate.
Category 3 equipment need not be certified, however, a technical file must be prepared and kept at the manufacturer to form the basis for the Declaration of Conformity, and the equipment is further required to be Ex marked. The standards used in the assessment shall be based on the declaration of conformity.

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