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Creating presentations yout audience will remember

Creating Presentations Your Audiences Will Remember

This course will help anyone become a better presenter. Participants will learn what a great presentation consists of, how to hold their audience’s attention, and how to feel more confident whether speaking to one or 1,000.

This workshop is ideal for any type of presentation: internal (with work teams, presentations to Boards of Directors, etc.) or external (conferences, seminars, and panel discussions).


  • Learn how to create meaning with your messages – and make your messages stick
  • Be able to create professional presentations for any audience
  • See how to use your body language to make your communication more effective
  • Understand how interactive exercises and use of props can deepen the meaning of your presentation for your participants
  • Use ”the butterflies in your stomach” to your advantage – being nervous can be a good thing
  • Improve your confidence in your communication style and in making any kind of public speaking


  • Improve your confidence in your communication style and in making any kind of public speaking
  • Why you should never “wing-it”
  • What do you want the audience to come away with?
  • Connecting with your audience (be interesting and entertaining)
  • How to organize your presentation
  • Using PowerPoint and visual aids
  • What not to wear, how to speak and body language (style matters)
  • Practice does make perfect
  • Handling the Q & A
  • Developing purpose of presentation and key messages
  • Individual style review and tips
  • Practice presentations
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