Danish Technological Institute assists with UKCA certification

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Danish Technological Institute assists with UKCA certification

When the United Kingdom left the EU in 2020, it started what we know as Brexit. This affects Danish manufacturers of machines that sort under the Machinery Directive if they deliver to the UK market, because the machines now need to be UKCA marked - and in some cases UKCA certified. Fortunately, Danish Technological Institute is ready to help.

From January 1st, 2021, the UKCA mark became applicable to a range of products marketed and sold in the UK. The marking applies to most goods that are already subject to requirements for CE marking – including machines that sort under the Machinery Directive.

The work behind the UKCA marking is essentially the same as for the CE marking, i.e. documentation in the form of risk assessments, calculations etc. – and, where this is required, a type test certificate in accordance with both EU and UK regulations.
Let us help you with the certificate

As mentioned, the rules have been in effect since January 1st, 2021, but manufacturers have had a transition period up until January 1st, 2023, to adapt – and that date is rapidly approaching.

Danish Technological Institute makes the UKCA certification easier

In order to make the UKCA certification easier for Danish manufacturers, Danish Technological Institute has entered into an agreement with Amtri Veritas, who is one of the Approved Bodies for UKCA certification in the United Kingdom - in the same way that Danish Technological Institute is the Notified Body for CE marking in Denmark.

In addition to the financial gain, the manufacturers will experience the benefit of only having to deliver one technical dossier to one Notified Body. Furthermore, they are only in dialogue with Danish Technological Institute during the review and approval of the documentation, and the dialogue takes place in Danish

- Frits Fynbo, Danish Technological Institute

The agreement - a so-called 'Certification based on a Shared Assessment' - means that Amtri Veritas can issue UKCA certificates based on type tests conducted by Danish Technological Institute. In practice, this means that Danish manufacturers can get a UKCA certification for a small additional price, when they are getting a CE marking for the EU - instead of having an additional - and more expensive - type test made in the UK.

Lift monteret på bil - arbejder på hus - UKCA certificeretVersalift benefited from Danish-English cooperation

As a kind of 'pilot project', Versalift Denmark A/S has already received a UKCA certification through Danish Technological Institute. The company sells personnel lifts mounted on vehicles (so-called aerial devices), and in this specific case it was a lift for mounting on chassis cars.

The product is sold on the UK market, which due to Brexit is now outside the EU, and since Versalift had heard rumours that all products had to be type-tested before they could be marketed, they wanted to get started and test the approval process for the UK market.

- We now have the first product where the type test has been transferred to the United Kingdom based on a Danish EU type test. This means that we have a UKCA certificate and that our product can safely be marketed in United Kingdom going forward, says Esben Skov Nielsen, Quality & Environmental Coordinator at Versalift Denmark.

He also highlights the advantage of obtaining the UKCA certification through Danish Technological Institute.

Because we already had an EU type test that was carried out by Danish Technological Institute, it was an advantage to have it transferred via them rather than having to start over with a new type test in United Kingdom. In addition, it is easier to clarify questions in one's native tongue and easier to have physical meetings, and Danish Technological Institute and Amtri Veritas have clarified all the legal aspects of the transfer

- Esben Skov Nielsen, Versalift Denmark

Satisfaction for all

Amtri Veritas is also satisfied with the new agreement, and they expect a long and good collaboration with Danish Technological Institute.

- The organisations have successfully completed a pilot project and the teams on both sides have developed a successful process. The collaboration will allow Danish Technological Institute and Amtri Veritas to offer clients so-called shared certification which will allow clients to place their certified products on both the EU and UK markets, says Joseph Moss, Project Manager and Administrator at Amtri Veritas, and adds:

The collaboration shows that cooperation between the EU and the UK can lead to excellent outcomes for clients, allowing continued free flow of goods through the EU and the UK.

- Joseph Moss, Amtri Veritas

The expectation is that the collaboration will also lead to exchange of knowledge and information between Danish technological Institute and Amtri Veritas.