Digital Transformation in Government

Cathrine  Lippert

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Nye digitale teknologier og smart sammenkobling af dem skaber helt nye muligheder. Vi kalder udviklingen digital transformation som et samlende bredt begreb.

Digital Transformation in Government

Digital transformation in government, for example the digitisation of public services, can be of great importance to public authorities as well as to businesses and citizens who use the services. We help governments make the most of the opportunities offered by digitisation.

Our experts in eGovernment, Digital Government and Open Government support Danish and foreign government initiatives by providing analysis, facilitation and consulting within a wide range of topics.

For example, when mandatory eInvoicing was introduced in Denmark, we played a key role in ensuring that all businesses in Denmark were able to make the transition from paper-based invoicing to fully digital eInvoicing to make this major eGoverment initiative a resounding success. More recently, we provided recommendations to the Danish government on how to further promote the more advanced provision and re-use of open data, and we were a partner in the EU project "The Once-Only Principle Project" (TOOP) which developed seamless cross-border exchange of data between public authorities in EU member states.

For foreign governments in particular we provide:

  • Insight into the policies, projects and results of the Danish government
  • Consulting on eGovernment, Digital Government and Open Government
  • Facilitation of accelerated and agile development of digital strategies and services
  • Support and training in applying holistic digital transformation framework

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