DMRI Pork Profit® - Pork Sorting

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DMRI PorkSorting

DMRI Pork Profit® - Pork Sorting

The carcass usage optimisation is all about matching quality requirements with the carcass attributes to maximize the total value of the carcasses.

Based on DMRI's experience, an estimation for optimum usage versus a random usage corresponds to a turnover increase of around 7%.




A 'Yield Model' consists of a set of equations that relates the company's margin to the measured variables for a certain type of carcass and range of products and specifications. These equations provide objective information of how the carcasses are suited for producing the final articles and are the backbone of the service.

The available population of pigs, the Yield Model equations, the production planning and the restrictions imposed by the quality specifications conform a Mixed-Integer Programming problem where the profit is the variable to be maximized.

The DMRI Pork Sorting service and software resolve this optimisation problem, providing a powerful simulation tool to explore the different possibilities and have a clear insight into the optimal sorting criteria.

The software module, in communication with the MES level, is fed with the dynamic sorting criteria to create the different groups of carcasses that will be connected to the existing production planning to define how each group will be used to produce the different articles.

The methodology and work plan for the DMRI Pork Sorting is as follows:

Work plan Purchasing og Sorting

Please note that the DMRI Pork Sorting service shares the Yield Model with the DMRI Pig Purchasing service, so they can be combined in the same project – phases 1 to 6 would be the same.