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Validation of GUM Workbench - Third party validation by the PTB.

Jens Bo Toftegaard

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Validation of GUM Workbench - Third party validation by the PTB.

This is a translation of an article published by the PTB of Germany:

News from Division 8: Medical Physics and Metrological Information Technology.

The software package "GUM Workbench" from the company Metrodata was validated by the testing department for software. This program performs calculation of uncertainties in measurements according to the "Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement" (GUM), published by the ISO in 1993. The scope of testing for said software was to prove that the requirements of the GUM are met.

A comprehensive requierements catalogue was compiled and used as the foundation for testing. The catalogue contained requirements concerning

  • Identification of the software
  • Validity of the results calculated by the software
  • Warnings when using out of bounds data and by expected numerical instabilities
  • Reliability of the software
  • Useabililty and completeness of the documentation.

Dynamic testing was conducted in order to test the validity, to ascertain the handling of boundary situations and exceptions as well as testing the useability. This was followed by comprehensive manual inspection of the coding and documentation. A total of more than 900 tests were completed. As a result, a predominantly good quality of the said software could be confirmed. The software developer implemented a few improvements in the areas of documentation and the handling of boundary situations, based on the findings.


PTB is the Physikalische-Technische Bundesanstalt, the national metrology institute of Germany providing scientific and technical services.

Click here for a link to the original validation report published on the PTB Web site.