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Hygienic Equipment Design Service

Sofia Karolina Birgitta Wiberg

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Cleaning process

Hygienic Equipment Design Service

Hygienic production of food products relies on clean production lines. To obtain this, it is essential that all surfaces and the equipment are designed for proper cleaning. This is not a trivial task.

When developing new equipment, the functionality and the operator safety are generally considered throughout the design and construction phases, while cleanability is rarely a primary concern.

We suggest that hygienic design should always be a routine consideration when designing food contact equipment. When cleanability, drainability and accessibility have attention throughout the development and design phases it will be naturally integrated in the final equipment. Modifications to an otherwise finished product is possible to make, but may be unsatisfactory and considered a cost added. Full integration of hygienic design will minimize risks to the product and save time for cleaning operations.

Invest in our 'Hygienic Equipment Design Service' and receive 6 benefits

  1. Impartial expert evaluation of your prototypes or prototype designs and suggestions for hygienic modifications
  2. Professional back-and-forth regarding surface roughness, choice of materials and design features
  3. Guidance according to existing legislation and leading guidelines in the field
  4. Save time and money for redesign and late modifications
  5. Competitive advantage by helping the food producer to save time and money on cleaning procedures
  6. On demand introductions and overview courses on hygienic design for food equipment manufacturers or food producing companies

Case about machine development and hygienic improvements of the design

In order to improve both the versatility and the cleanability of a machine, a specific component redesign was needed. The equipment manufacturer designed and produced the first prototype. DMRI was then invited into the process. The role of DMRI was to collaborate with the design engineer, identify areas of concern and make specific suggestions for hygienic improvements of the design. In this case, the consultant from DMRI was invited ad hoc to provide input when needed. Following new prototypes have been produced and reviewed in order to assure that the new design will not create new, unforeseen hygienic challenges.

Our Hygienic Equipment Design Service

  • Input and evaluation of new equipment design from a hygienic perspective
  • Expert evaluation of your prototype components or final equipment
  • Support in assessment of hygiene risk areas
  • Support and guidance on installation, flow and integration of new equipment
  • Evaluation and guidance to optimization of existing production lines regarding hygienic design, accessibility and facility layout