Innovation Agent Training in Austrian Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs)

Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann

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Innovation Agent Training in Austrian Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs)

The Project is based on the Danish Innovation Agent program, which is an innovation check-up is provided to Austrian small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in need of fresh eyes on their technological development prospects and innovation potentials.

The Innovation Agent Project in Austria provided training for 23 researchers and technology advisors in various member RTOs within the Austrian Cooperative Research. The training was conducted over a total of five days, with two days in March and a further three days in April. In between the training sessions, the participants conducted an innovation audit at one or two SMEs in Austria as an input to the three-day training later in April.

Tools, methods as well as practical training
The first two days of training covered the tools and methods required to guide the SMEs in their innovation endeavors. The final three days covered practical training around the initiation of the innovation process and activities in cooperation with colleagues. DTI served as facilitator and coach in innovation and innovation processes as well as supplier of tools and methods in training packs.

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