Interactive learning

Hanne  Skou-Madsen

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Interactive learning

We are working with the development of learning solutions based on multimedia. We support learning and competence development of employees both in public and private workplaces. We apply the media best suited and the correct teaching methods for different target groups, and the use of sound, images, video and text allows for different learning styles on the part of the users. We focus on supplying customized solutions for each individual client. And through dialogue and close collaboration, we create good solutions of high quality.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Interactive learning solutions with experiences easy to remember  
  • E-learning at eye level – competence development for employees unfamiliar with computers
  • Using the employees’ reality as a starting point and ensure that the contents can be directly transformed into everyday work situations
  • E-guides – a method for cheap and efficient training of employees, clients or partners – irrespective of computer competence and independent of time and place
  • How should I type in here? – Relevant help for registration or search systems
  • Work instructions – on the employee’s mobile or PDA
  • Learning games or quiz– learning without a clear learning situation – simple, faster and cheaper than the more extensive and often costly solutions 
  • Do it yourself – We teach you to create your own e-learning 


  • E-learning strengthens the working environment in Danish hospitals  
  • See and try out for yourself a number of different interactive projects that we have developed  

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