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methanol plant
3 days conference

International Methanol Conference

If you want to participate in day 2 (9 May) and day 3 (10 May) in Taastrup, please contact Lone Elly Larsen, phone +4572201571 or as fast as possible .

This international Conference will take place in the Greater Copenhagen Area on 8-10 May 2017. The event will present and discuss current and anticipated innovations within the entire value chain producing methanol, a potential clean and green synthetic fuel for the future. A plenary session with national and international high-level speakers from academia and industry will introduce the global scene for the reformation from a fossil-based society into a more green-based one. The Conference will guide the participants in thematic sessions the entire way from climate issues, policy, access to raw-materials (H2, CO, CO2), catalysis, conversion, gas cleaning, supply chain and infrastructure, methanol end-users and liquid fuels in general. Challenges and opportunities for the very near future.

A high-profile international methanol conference

Focus will be on changing the perspective on CO2 in biogas from a problematic climate-related waste to a valuable source for fuel processing purposes. By developed state-of-the-art bio-reforming processes, CO2 and methane are converted into syngas, and by further converting synthetic gas into methanol with the addition of hydrogen from electrolysis, the foundation for CO2 to fuel is set. This bio-reforming process will add value to the overall energy sector by providing interplay between the gas, fuel and electric grid, a completely new way of utilizing available resources to produce a renewable liquid fuel and at the same time addressing climate-related issues.

Lecturers – some few snapshots

Jens Joel, Member of Parliament, Energy Spokesman for the Social Democratic Party
Meteorologist Jesper Theilgaard will give an overview of the climate – Current and Future Challenges and Requirements
Professor G. K. Surya Prakash, Loker Institute, California will give a lecture on Towards Sustainable Methanol Economy
Director Mani Erfan, Unicat USA – From CO2 to methanol
CEO Greg Dolan, Methanol Institute, USA - Methanol Fuels: Market and Policy Drivers

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