Material Characterization and Nanocoating

Susan Rudd Cooper

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Shows a SEM image of square crystals

Material Characterization and Nanocoating

We can help you with materials characterization and functional nanocoatings. With combined technologies we deliver complete solutions that satisfy your needs.

How can we help you?


The Danish Technological Institute has one of Denmark's most well-equipped characterisation laboratories. We are DANAK accredited to examine unknown material and identify foreign objects, and our specialists can precisely isolate and identify foreign objects and impurities. We are audited and approved for this type of examination by several of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Denmark. We have multiple specialists with over 20 years experience in this area.

A piece of green glass being placed in our instrumentationBeyond our accedited particle identification we have a multitude of other instrumentation and expertise in structural analysis, surface investigations,composition and visualization to get you the complete solution to your characterization problem.


IMAGINGFlower arrangement foam measured with phase contrast tomography with sub-micron resolution

We help you examine your product’s internal structure down to the smallest details without cutting it to pieces. Investigate defects, porosity, material distribution and component thickness without destroying the material.

You can also view below a special case on porosity where we can both visualize the product and use mercury intrusion instrumentation with our colleagues to quantify pore sizes.



We show two materials, one coated and one not. They have three water drops on them. The water beads up nicely on the coated piece and is flat on the non-coated pieceDoes your product lack protection against water or oil? We develop nano-coatings that chemically bind to the surface of the product so that it is not destroyed during use. For example, components for microphones or headsets that must cope with saliva and sweat without the liquids penetrating the electronics.

Our production of nanocoatings is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which ensures that we always produce reproducible nanocoatings of the highest quality. We are proud that year after year we are our customers' preferred supplier of nanocoatings, which give their products better performance and longer service life.

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