Nordic EU-project ‘COSMOS II’ developing stronger, intelligent coatings

Lars Pleth Nielsen

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Nordic EU-project ‘COSMOS II’ developing stronger, intelligent coatings

Since the new year 2007, the Danish Technological Institute has been leading the continuation of the two-year Nordic research and development project ‘COSMOS I’. The new project ‘COSMOS II’ focuses on new and better types of coating.

The development project is partly being financed by the Nordic Innovation Centre and was extended at the beginning of 2007 with a further two years via the EU-EraSME scheme. The project is based on a transnational collaboration between the Danish Technological Institute and the three research institutes Technical Research VTT in Finland, Acreo AB in Sweden and SINTEF in Norway.

- The idea behind the Nordic development project is to bring together key players who are highly skilled in the field of hard-wearing low-friction coatings as well as sensor design and manufacture, centre manager Lars Pleth Nielsen from the Tribology centre at the Danish Technological Institute tells us.

The Danish Technological Institute is contributing with the latest knowledge for the development and application of hard, durable and self-lubricating coatings based on advanced vacuum-deposition techniques such as Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) and Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD).

In order to ensure the continued development of new and better types of coatings, plus combining function-optimised surface coatings with in-built sensor technology, experts from the Danish Technological Institute have taken the initiative to carry out a series of development activities involving product-embedded sensors.

The aim – on top of improving the hard-wearing coatings – is to combine the optimised coatings with embedded sensors so that the system can provide continuous feedback on the condition of the surface, thus ensuring an optimal performance. In this way,
an overloaded production tool can be inspected or adjusted before it breaks down.

- The expectation is that thanks to the continued Nordic collaboration, we will achieve results which will revolutionise production technology through an intelligent production platform which allows online adjustment of different process parameters,
says Lars Pleth Nielsen.