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PowerPoint Office 365 - Advanced

Work in depth with PowerPoint 2016. We will focus on advanced presentations with many visual and multimedia effects. Let PowerPoint support the creative process, and learn how to make slide shows, that will impress and capture the attention of your audience. You will acquire a solid knowledge of the more advanced functions, so that you can work on your own in a structured and efficient way.

Prior skills

The participants must possess skills equivalent to our PowerPoint 2016 Basic course.

Profile of participants

For users who use PowerPoint in their daily work, but need to know the more advanced functions, working with presentations with many visual and multimedia effects.

You will learn how to save your presentations as videos and how to transmit your presentations to your audience via the internet, and how to compress a presentation.


  • Short résumé about how to save on the pc and in the cloud
  • Save and open documents on the pc
  • Save in the cloud on OneDrive and SharePoint

Structure your PowerPoint presentations

  • Repetition of the Slide Master
  • Use of Outline view
  • Create new slide layouts
  • Slide libraries – save slides in libraries for later use
  • Sections – make your presentation easier to handle by dividing it into sections
  • Header and footer
  • Comments


  • Links to other programs
  • Excel charts and sheets in PowerPoint
  • Hyperlinks to files, websites, email
  • Action buttons - click on buttons to open for example other files during the slide show

Graphical illustrations and informative PowerPoint presentations

  • Inspiration to informative illustrations
  • Inspiration to the good PowerPoint presentation
  • The use of gridlines
  • Videos in PowerPoint
  • Save a presentation as a video
  • Higher video resolution
  • Sound files
  • Use Record Slide Show
  • Compress media files
  • Photo album – insert many pictures simultaneously
  • Use of Presenter view
  • Custom slide shows – save several slide shows in one presentation
  • Slide show options
  • WordArt

Track changes/cooperation between users

  • Group editing with comments and track changes
  • Communicate with other users via comments in tree structure
  • See activities and open earlier versions of the file
  • Linked notes to OneNote
  • Simultaneous editing and communication via Skype chat


  • Present online with Skype for Business

Info from other programs

  • Info, Properties
  • Author, contact info

Flexible access to PowerPoint on all platforms

  • Microsoft PowerPoint on smartphone and tablet
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Online


The course material is digital, the practical exercises and tasks is in paperform


The course is provided by an experienced instructor from Teknologisk Instituts instructor network.

Do you have any course related questions, please contact