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Printed electronics - webinar

Printed electronics is a rapidly growing industry. It has unique characteristics such as light weight, flexible, stretchable, ultra-thin and variable form factors. Moreover, it is printable on almost any surface; this makes printed electronics suitable to integrate into fabrics, paper, plastics films, etc

A new European open innovation test bed on embedded electronics has been created to help the manufacturing industry in Europe to achieve a strong global position. In this test bed, the key word is Lightweight Embedded Electronics (LEE). LEE-BED is a one stop show, where we can evaluate your idea, provide access to experts and state the art infrastructure as well as help you on the way to market. The first step is to sign up at our single entry point website

In this series of webinars, we will introduce printed electronics and how the industry can benefit from this field in the future. In the first webinar, we will introduce the LEE-BED concept, how you gain access and which services we provide, from technical assessment, LCA, patent mapping and more. We will show you how your company can go from a business idea, to getting access to state of the art research and technology infrastructure through our LEE-BED partners that best matches your requirements. Webinar 2-4 will introduce the three categories of pilot line infrastructures accessible through LEE-BED. Webinar 2 will show you our nanomaterial pilot lines for both rapid development of novel materials, as well as upscaling these to a pilot production. Webinar 3 will show you our formulation pilot lines, from robotic high throughput screening and pilot production of inks, adhesives and composites. Finally, in webinar 4, our component pilot lines will present our state of the art technologies such as digital prototyping and high volume printing and mounting technologies, 3D multi-material printing, just to name a few.

To learn more about printed electronics and LEE-BED, please register for free to our webinars held on November 3rd, November 10th, November 17th & November 24th. The first 3 webinars will have a duration of 1 hour, while the last webinar will approximately be around 1,5 hours. The webinars will start at 14:00 Central European Time.

"Enterprises will be able to prove the viability of new technologies without major investment and financial risk during the all-important initial phase. We have already started working with jewelry giant Swarovski, looking into the idea of intelligent light in their crystals that can be integrated with clothing and home interiors," concludes Zachary J. Davis.


Webinar 1

  • LEE-BED concept
  • The Single Entry Point
  • LEE-BED services
  • Technical assessment
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Safety & regulation issues
  • Business modeling
  • Patent analysis

Webinar 2

  • High throughput development line
  • Supercritical flow pilot lines
  • Solvothermal batch pilot lines
  • Gas phase material generator

Webinar 3

  • High throughput screening line
  • Nano enabled ink pilot lines
  • Nano enabled adhesive pilot lines
  • Nano enabled composite pilot lines

Webinar 4

  • R2R digital ink-jet printing pilot lines
  • 3D multi-material printing pilot line
  • R2R SMD pilot line
  • Smart packaging pilot lines


Webinar 1 – November 3 – How to become part of the future with printed electronic

Webinar 2 – November 10 – Nanomaterial pilot lines

Webinar 3 – November 17 – Formulation pilot lines

Webinar 4 – November 24 – Component pilot lines

How does it work?
Sign up for free and we will send you a link a few days before the webinars takes place.

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