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Project: Intellicare

Project: Intellicare

The innovation consortium Intellicare is about finding and developing useful and people-oriented solutions to problems within the welfare and nursing industry.  The consortium will create a technological platform, able to integrate and encourage the collaboration between intelligent nursing resources and the environment.

IntellicareThe platform will meet individual patterns of activity and individual needs of both the elderly and the nursing assistants and realize the synergy between nursing resources and other kinds of technology.

The demonstration will strengthen Danish research within intelligent autonomous systems and also be important for Danish export of integrated welfare systems.

The consortium will also focus on sociological aspects in relation to the technological opportunities, and will thus also explore the sociocultural correlations, which are supporting or preventing the development and implementation of intelligent technology within elder care.

The project is supported by the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation with the amount of 13.9 million DKK of a total budget of 42.4 million DKK.

The consortium consists of:

  • Danish Technological Institute
  • The Danish Centre for Assistive Technology
  • University of Southern Denmark (the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute and the Institute for Marketing and Management)
  • OK-fund
  • Zealand Care A/S
  • STT Condigi A/S
  • Besam A/S
  • Phonak A/S
  • Breakoutimage A/S
  • Cepa Mobility
  • Lederforum
  • Danish Rehab Group
  • OBH Group A/S
  • Copenhagen Municipality
  • Frederiksberg Municipality