RFID technology

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RFID technology

The RFID technology has many advantages compared to other traditional labelling types. The application of this technology will revolutionise the transparency of supply chains, reduce loss and provide advantages in the form of rationalisations, efficiency improvements and better market conditions for several industries. We know how to utilise the new technology optimally.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • RFID, physical tests within supply chains, compliance tests for documentation of performance within supply chains
  • RFID pilot studies, analyses and product labelling of pallets, boxes and single products
  • RFID feasibility studies, studies related to the company’s future utilisation of RFID
  • RFID cost/benefits
  • RFID solutions for facilities management
  • Implementation of RFID into the company’s supply chain
  • Training of the company’s employees, introduction, selection and implementation of RFID