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Robot Implementation - Products

Kurt  Nielsen

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Robot Implementation - Products

Our focus is on creating value for end users of robotics, and to be a first mover when it comes to developing and deploying new innovative solutions for the benefit of the Danish production companies.

A selection of our products and services are listed below.


Automation check

An automation check evaluates the potential for automation in your production company.


Bin-picking with laserscanning

With SICK bin-picking robot cell it is possible to automate the picking of items directly from boxes or pallets. This creates a sustainable production without the need for staff to handle the process.


Hybrid Gripper

The Hybrid Gripper is designed for handling processes in manufacturing, and can perform repetitive tasks with great flexibiilty in a variety of different scenarios.

Read more here.

Mobile logistikrobotter

Mobile logistics robots: pre-search

We can offer you a three-phase evaluation of your opinions when adopting flexible mobile logistics robots. The assessment will highlight any potential for enhancing efficiency and give you insight into technological solutions.

Robot CoWorker – the future colleague is a robot

A robot system that in just a few minutes or hours can be utilized by an employee and recognize new subjects, conduct gentle handling – and contact a human when something seems wrong.

Read more here.

Robot CoWorker Lab

In our Robot CoWorker Lab, companies can test, compare and inspect different options for handling etc. of their specific products and receive a price indication of what a production-ready solution would cost.

Robotteknologi med 3D CAD-baseret vision

Robot technology with 3D CAD based vision

Robots easily perform trivial tasks. However, if greater flexibility is demanded, e.g. items are received in partially structured layers of pallets, then assistance using vision is a necessity.

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Simulering af workspace på computer.

Simulation and virtual production

Virtual production at the DTI enables you to rapidly simulate small as well as large adjustments in production.  This allows you to assess the impact before you change the physical process line.

​Read more here.

Visionbox. Kamera.

Vision check

We analyze whether camera solutions can help an automation solution handle the uncertainties and tolerances in your job.

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