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Robot Technology and Dry Ice Combined in a New and Exciting Solution

Lars Ingvar Knudsen

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Robot Technology and Dry Ice Combined in a New and Exciting Solution

Dry ice blasting is an effective and eco-friendly cleaning method that harness compressed carbon dioxide. It is mostly a fatiguing, manual process, though - but a new robot solution is trying to put an end to that.

June 3rd 2015, the robot developers of The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) introduced a new robot for deburring plastic items by using dry ice blasting. The solution was demonstrated at the summer summit for the Plastic Industry's Machine Section that was held at DTI in Odense.

- The manual process is both loud and physically demanding. By automating you avoid exposing your employees to degenerating work simultaneously achieving all the productivity and quality advantages that come with automation, says Head of Industrial Robotics Jens Fynbo from DTI.

- We will be able to control the process more precisely when we automate it. This will lead to a better product in the end, he adds.

The plastic industry is not the only one who will benefit from this combined technology.

- The potential is quite substantial, as we see it. It can be utilized in a broad range of businesses right from furniture production to food manufacturing, Jens Fynbo points out.

Watch the new dry ice robot blast with minus 79 Celcius degrees dry ice in the video above and hear more about why it is a good idea to automate a process like this.

The demonstration in the video is a collaboration with DTI, IceTech and ABB Robotics.