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Service Robot Certification Process and Prices

Troels Oliver Vilms Pedersen

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Flowchart over robotcertifikationsprocessen samt priser

Service Robot Certification Process and Prices

When approaching the European market with your service robot, it is important to determine the correct classification of your robot as each classification means that different certifications and tests are required in order to reach the market. Conversely, however, targeting a certain market and, e.g., postponing a MDD certification, can help you gain important market shares, market knowledge, and leverage when pursuing other certifications at a later stage.

DTI offers a wide array of services to help you reach the European market with your service robot. Through our robotics expertise and extensive market knowledge, we can help you balance the key selling points of your robot with market potential, time-to-market, and tradeoffs when choosing market strategy.

Service robots are inherently heterogeneous systems often with possible applications in many different domains at the same time. Some might be capable of transporting goods by their ability of locomotion, whereas some might yield positive health effects by, e.g., augmenting the muscle dexterity and strength of the wearer.

DTI furthermore offers a flexible project model in which we can help you in all (or some of the) stages of your certifications leading up to a European market entry. We can, e.g., assist you in the optimal classification of your robot and prepare you for the rest of the certification process, or we can act as project managers ensuring a successful certification process and European market entry of your product. The choice is yours!

The certification of a service robot is never a “standard” process. As service robot products vary in their complexity and application domains, the required certifications and tests will also vary and the first stage of any service robot certification process will be the “classification stage”. Through an iterative process, we (DTI and the company) discuss and determine the optimal product characteristics, intended market, and use, and based on this, a classification for your product is derived with outputs such as test specifications, requirements for technical documentation etc. The typical price for the classification process is between 2.000-4.000€ and the duration will typically be between 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the product.

Flowchart over robotcertifikationsprocessen samt priser

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Following this process, DTI offers four different project models (A to D) which vary in price and duration depending on the involvement required from DTI.

A typical solution would be a combination of a service robot classification and the project model C where DTI acts as project manager throughout the certification process. A typical duration of such a project will be around 15-40 weeks, including external tests, with a typical cost of approximately 23.000€ (excluding external tests).

External tests may include EMC-testing, quasi-static pressure testing, force measurements, user testing, etc. Such external testing typically costs between 15.000€ - 25.000€ and may extend the certification process with 4 – 30 weeks.