Surface treatment

Henrik Horup Reitz

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Rådgivning om tribologi

Surface treatment

The service life of tools and machine parts very much depend on the extent of wear. The wear can be considerably reduced by means of surface treatment. The right coating and an optimal material selection make it possible to reduce or completely eliminate the use of lubricants. Over a period of several years, we have developed different types of surface treatments as a solution to your problems. For instance, we produce coatings for production tools, machine parts and finished products. The coatings are used as protection against wear, friction and as non-stick coatings or for decorative purposes.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Identification of the wearing part and of the solution to the problem
  • Hardening of basic material, for instance combined with surface coatings
  • Consultancy on protection against wear and corrosion of machine components and tools for plastic forms
  • Consultancy on coatings for tools for machining, punching, design, treatment of metals
  • Consultancy on material selection
  • Testing of oils and advising on lubrication
  • Development of coatings as protection against wear, friction, non-stick coatings or for decorative purposes