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Technology in work life

Jørgen  Løkkegaard

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Teknologi i arbejdslivet

Technology in work life

Technology developed specifically for the health/socialcare area is termed “Welfare technology”. Welfare technology supports users – citizens, employees and relatives – in improving security, well-being and quality in relation to welfare benefits.

Welfare technology creates the possibility of meeting the needs for increased quality in spite of increasing challenges through lack of resources.

The gains from working with welfare technology include

  • Improved use of resources
  • Enhancement of working environment
  • Lower sickness absence 
  • Reduced attrition
  • Labour optimization
  • Time for the key job: care and nursing

Better quality

  • Higher degree of self-reliance
  • Higher life quality
  • Higher service quality

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?
As a knowledge centre, the Danish Technological Institute has accumulated experience within the areas of social and health care services. Our specialists in working environment and relevant technological disciplines, e.g. RFID, plastics, textiles and robot technologies, offer to:

  • Uncover user needs – so that choice of technology is based on needs and work processes (user driven innovation) 
  • Mapping of work place – ensuring coherence between technology and working environment
  • Training and education – job profiles, design and implementation of training and education targeted for citizens, employees and relatives  
  • Design of testing and implementation processes in collaboration with technology suppliers
  • Performance evaluation

Enhancement of working environment in eldercare through intelligent technology


  • Speech technology relieves care home staff from having to write themselves
  • E-learning enhances the working environment in Danish hospitals 
  • Future hedge cutting
  • Robot technology in eldercare 
  • Enhancement of working environment in eldercare through intelligent technology 
  • DINOVA – Diversity and innovation in the nursing sector
  • Welfare technology - TV 2 Lorry: See program item on a project designed by Arbejdsliv (Work Life) of which they are project manager in five municipal care centres